Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumer Profile

Please use this form to indicate your interpreter preferences.

All interpreters listed on the NH Department of Education (DOE) website are shown below. Those who are not yet affiliated with Language Bank will be encouraged to accept appointments when they are requested. We will make every effort to accomodate your preferences.

Your information is considered confidential and will only be shared with Language Bank staff for appointment-scheduling purposes.

Key to Interpreter Credentials and Other Acronyms
Communication Access Real-time Translation CART
Conditional Legal Interpreter Permit: Reverse CLIP-R
Certified Deaf Interpreter CDI
Certificate of Interpretation CI           
Certificate of Transliteration CT
Comprehensive Skills Certificate CSC
Educational Certificate: K-12 Ed:K-12
Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment EIPA
Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing MCDHH
New Hampshire Interpreter Classification System NHICS
National Association of the Deaf III (Generalist) NAD III
National Association of the Deaf IV (Advanced) NAD IV
National Association of the Deaf V (Master) NAD V
National Interpreter Certification NIC
National Interpreter Certification - Advanced NIC-A
National Interpreter Certification - Master NIC-M
Oral Transliteration Certificate OTC
Reverse Skills Certificate RSC
Specialist Certificate: Legal SC:L
Support Service Provider SSP

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Preferred Method of Contact:

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**You are not required to provide a response for each individual interpreter, unless you so choose**


Aimee Stevens, CI/CT:


Alivia Cotton, NHICS, Ed:K-12:


Ashley Woods, NIC:

BethanyHawkins, CI:


Crystal Ploof, MCDHH:


Darah Dal Pra, NHICS:


Diane Aseltine-Grzyb, CI/CT, NIC:


Ellen Boda, CI/CT:


Erin Thompson-Foote, CI/CT, SC:L:


Heather Geisser, NIC, Ed:K-12:


Jane Hecker-Cain, CSC, CI/CT, NIC-A,SC:L:


Janice Wightman, CI/CT:


Jayne Zedon, NIC:


Jean Brennan, IC/TC:


Jodi Lefort, CI/CT:


Kristen Curty, NIC, Ed:K-12:


Laurie Meyer, CSC, CI/CT:


Lesley P. Richardson, NAD V, SC:L, Justice of the Peace:

Lianne Moccia, CI/CT:


Mary Stys, CI/CT:


Maura Fay, CI/CT:


Meryl C. S. Troop, CI/CT, SC:L:


Patty Stuart, NIC:


Paula Collins, NIC:


Rachel Farrell, CI/CT:


Rebekah Mallory, NIC:


Rosemary S. Ford, OTC, NHICS:


Sandy Unger, NIC:


Shelly Flanders, CI/CT, SC:L:


Sirena Lemieux Crotty, NAD III:


Arkady Belozovsky, CDI, CLIP-R:


Deb McKinney, CDI:


Stephanie Clark, CDI, CLIP-R, SC:L:


If none of my preferred Interpreters/CART Reporters are available...: